Pet Food Sustainability: Protect, Reduce & Invest

To celebrate Earth Day, The Pet Food Institute is sharing this past article again to offer insight into how pet food and treat makers are using sustainable production practices designed to protect the environment while providing pets with safe, healthy food.

U.S. pet food makers are playing a critical role in supporting our environment and communities, now and for the future, in three main areas:

Production Efficiencies

Continuous innovations and enhancements in the production of pet food allow PFI members to protect our existing natural resources, such as energy and water. This includes efficiencies in manufacturing facilities, distribution networks and product packaging.

Responsible Ingredient Sourcing

Safe and nutritious pet food begins with the ingredients. The use of animal- and plant-based ingredients that are produced during the processing of human food helps to reduce food waste and prevent added stresses related to increased agricultural production.

Supporting the Economy, Pets and People

Sustainability means an investment in the future. PFI members directly employ tens of thousands of jobs, support related suppliers across the nation, and engage in community programs – all helping to support a thriving landscape for generations to come. 

Visit our new infographic to learn more about pet food makers’ positive impact on sustainability or click on the image below to expand.

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