Interested in becoming a PFI member? Our members make the vast majority of all U.S. pet food and treat products and are committed to helping pets enjoy long and healthy lives. Joining PFI is a sound business decision. 

Why Should you Become a Member of Pet Food Institute?  


PFI’s government relations team covers legislative and regulatory issues that impact pet food makers on the federal and state level and works to reinforce the value of our industry. Issues our team works on include: 

  • Supply chain challenges caused by disruptions in the shipping sector 
  • Funding for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for ingredient approvals 
  • Passage of legislation benefiting the pet care community 
  • Pet food licensing and registration fees 
  • Packaging and plastics legislation 


PFI’s regulatory staff works to ensure that the regulatory landscape for pet food provides a comprehensive, fair, and transparent framework that is based on sound science and best practices, mutually benefiting the industry, PFI member companies, our customers, and pets. Activities our regulatory team works on are: 

  • AAFCO relations 
  • Ingredient approvals 
  • Food safety 
  • Nutrition  
  • International trade 

Access to PFI Staff Experts 

Members enjoy exclusive access to the specialized expertise of PFI staff. Meet our subject matter experts. 

Opportunity to Steer the Industry 

Drive innovation, thought leadership, and provide direction for the industry through participation on one or more of PFI’s volunteer-led committees, an exclusive opportunity only for members. 


Types of Membership 

Select the category that best represents your company below.  

Producer Member 

Your company manufactures (or has taken demonstrable steps that will enable it to manufacture within the subsequent 12 months) commercially prepared dog and/or cat food and/or treats within the United States under its own brand and adheres to applicable American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) standards; employs applicable current Good Manufacturing Practices, Preventive Controls and related food safety practices designed to ensure safe products; and is committed to compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations, as appropriate. 

Associate Member 

Your company supplies goods (e.g., ingredients, packaging materials, equipment) or services to support production (e.g., laboratory services, product sterilization services) to producers of commercially prepared food and/or treats for dogs and/or cats. 

Affiliate Member 

Your company serves as a consultant; in the media; in the government; as an association; as a pet food or pet product retailer, wholesaler, or merchandiser; or as an industry-related organization or person. 


Email for more information or to become a PFI member.